Tattoo In Rochester NY

We have built a strong reputation by providing people with their dream Tattoo in Rochester NY. Our dedication to the highest standards in professional tattooing is what sets us apart.

Come visit our spacious tattoo shop in beautiful Rochester NY. Delivering the most popular types of tattoos, Rochester NY-ers want, no matter what is is:

Traditional Tattoo in Rochester NY

Tattoos are a commonly practiced means of decoration applied to the skin where as markings including signs , symbols , and letters are applied to ones body by slightly puncturing the skin’s outer layer and depositing color into it.

Japanese Tattoos in Rochester NY -

Through out history, tattos have been integral in regards to Japanese tradition. The tattoos hold the capacity for the designs to evolve, from a simgle smaller separate individual tattoo, to a larger brilliant motifs that can cover the entire arm . Like many other types of tattoos, different Japanese tattoos have a different meaning.

Black & Grey Tattoos in Rochester NY-

Similar to traditional tattoos, however they are void of color and are instead as the name suggest, black & Grey Tattoos.

Polynesian/Tribal Tattoo in Rochester NY

Generally these tattoos have to do with cultural traditions that mark a people as a member or nonmember of one of the local groups, they may also express magical, religious, or even spiritual beliefs. It is not uncommon for these types of tattoos to reflect personal convictions as well. Most recently, Western culture has seen a widespread resurgence accompanied by an acceptance of the “Tribal”  Tattoos.

Photorealism Tattoos in Rochester NY

Photorealism tattooing is creating tattoo work that looks just like a photograph. For this specific type of tattoo, realism is a priority.

Tattoo in Rochester NY

Once you decide on what you are looking for and that you want to got your tattoo in Rochester NY, we match you up with the proper artist for your style and/or piece, and then you work directly with that artist to make the tattoo perfect for you.

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